Spring Sampler 2016
£0.00 - £4.00

  • Spring Sampler 2016

Spring Sampler 2016
£0.00 - £4.00

It's a been a good year so far! We've seen the release of EP's from Polarnecks and Earths, as well as a second album from December '91! We've got plenty more on the way though, and to give you a taste of what we've been upto, we've put together this handy sampler! 

Featuring 25 tracks from some of our old favourites as well as new friends, our Spring Sampler 2016 will certainly have something to pique your interests. 

Bill Nickson's provided what I would say is his most accomplished track yet, while our old favourites Grand Pricks and Lovely Ladies certainly weren't going to miss out. There's some acoustic numbers from Glasgow's Finn LeMarinel, Chrissy Barnacle and Wullie Mammoth, as well as some more rough-around the edges hard rock from The Pale Kids and a dashing of hardcore from Dundee's Stonethrower. Breaking some new ground for us, we've included some hip-hop from Alloft and Outlier as well a straight-up pop number from our pal David Laing. 

Track Listing

  1. Bill Nickson - Sick (Rough Version)
  2. Lovely Ladies - Shook
  3. Grand Pricks - Cake Face
  4. The Ediots - Take It Slow
  5. Forehead - Favourite People
  6. Long Limbs - Everyone (Demo)
  7. December '91 - Mindrot
  8. Roastin' Peanut - Ladybug
  9. Brothers - Waiting Line
  10. The Pale Kids - Pale Kids Do Maga '16
  11. Stonethrower - Tracing Paper
  12. Facial Slurs - Oligarchepelago
  13. Earths - Roundhouse
  14. Polarnecks - Peace of Mind
  15. I Am David Laing - Man On Your Arm
  16. Jason Riddell - Dream Lapse
  17. The Pooches - For The Love Of God!
  18. Chrissy Barnacle - Cannibal Rats (Part I) [GoldMold Power Hour Session]
  19. Finn LeMarinel - Love is Waves (ft Chrissy Barnacle) [GoldMold Power Hour Session]
  20. Wullie Mammoth - Clash [GoldMold Power Hour Session]
  21. alder - Falling
  22. alloft - silk
  23. Outlier. - Something about Nothing
  24. Arm Watches Fingers - Utanon Thumo
  25. Green Mule - Polythene

Pressing Information

Green Cassette /70

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