Scottish Indie Sampler Vol. 3
£1.00 - £3.00

  • Scottish Indie Sampler Vol. 3

Scottish Indie Sampler Vol. 3
£1.00 - £3.00

It's our pleasure to bring you third of our Scottish Indie Sampler series! 
Each year we ask proponents of Scotland's thriving DIY/independent music community to provide 3 tracks each in order to make a compilation representing the best of grassroots Scottish music - this year we've got: LP Records, Olive Grove Records, winning sperm party, Lost Map and OVA MATA joining us!

Featuring artwork from the wonderful Stevie Peebs, the Scottish Indie Sampler Vol. 3 will be available for digital download and on a limited run of cassettes.

Track Listing

  1. Sulka - No-one [GM]
  2. Scottish Power - My Annual Spook [GM]
  3. Kabobo - Dis is Sheet [GM]
  4. Banana Oil - Zephyr Song [WSP]
  5. Smack Wizards - Nae Danger [WSP]
  6. In Posterface - Born On [WSP]
  7. George Bruce - Blue Night [OM]
  8. Tulip Tulen - Superman [OM]
  9. Tenhead - Teeca [OM]
  10. Bas Jan - No Sign (JP Buckle Remix) [LM]
  11. Firestations - Build a Building (Ed Dowie Remix) [LM]
  12. Kid Canaveral - Lifelong Crisis of Confidence [LM]
  13. The Son(s) - Krautrotica [OG]
  14. Pocket Knife - Fish Song [OG]
  15. Jared Celosse - Young Love [OG]
  16. The Great Albatross - 20 Years of Slumber [LP]
  17. American Clay - Second Son [LP]
  18. Codist - Shakey Cam [LP]

Pressing Information

Digital Download.
Purple Cassette /100.

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